Ruby for the Objective-C Runtime

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What Is MacRuby?

MacRuby is an implementation of Ruby 1.9 directly on top of Mac OS X core technologies such as the Objective-C runtime and garbage collector, the LLVM compiler infrastructure and the Foundation and ICU frameworks. It is the goal of MacRuby to enable the creation of full-fledged Mac OS X applications which do not sacrifice performance in order to enjoy the benefits of using Ruby.

Get It

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Use It

You can install the latest stable release or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can install one of the nightly builds. See the wiki for more detailed instructions.

If you’d rather build your own MacRuby, simply clone the MacRuby repository from Github and follow the instructions from the README.

After installing, MacRuby is available from the command-line as macruby. It also comes with project templates for use with Xcode. Create your first application today!

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MacRuby on iOS?

The best way to contribute to MacRuby is by using it to build great things! If you find a bug, be sure to file a bug report. Want to do more? Find out how else you can contribute.

Wait no longer! RubyMotion is a commercial toolchain for iOS development based on MacRuby, created by the MacRuby author. Check it out!